Olifantsberg is committed to the conservation of the endangered Renosterveld. We have declared over 70 hectares of our mountain property as a conservation area and as a result the indigenous flora and fauna are protected and the alien vegetation in and around the conservation area is removed.

The vineyards are surrounded by beautiful Renosterveld with small corridors left between the blocks of vineyards to add to the biodiversity.

We constantly try to increase biodiversity within the vineyards and build on the soil life to ensure the longevity of the vineyards


The vineyards are frequented from time to time by small antelope and deer that live within the Olifantsberg and Brandwacht mountain range. The Cape Leopards has also been spotted within the cracks of the Brandwacht Mountain.

Within our conservation area there are a couple of “heuweltjies”. This type of soil mounds are found in many parts of Africa. They are understood to be the primarily result of termite activity with some possible secondary activity of animals such as mole-rats. We have made a point to conserve these mounds in order not to disturb any faunal activity.

We are fortunate with such beauty within our natural environment therefore we feel it is our responsibility to conserve and build on the beautiful diversity we have within South Africa.