Our vineyards and winery are located on the fertile slopes of the Brandwacht Mountain Range. The vineyards endure big diurnal temperature swings and strong winds at altitudes ranging from 250m to 450m above sea level. During winter, the mountain peaks are covered in snow, keeping the vines dormant for longer and in summer the constant winds have a cooling effect on the vines. This helps to ensure slow ripening of the grapes and in turn contributes to fresh and elegant wines. Our vineyards are located in shale Renosterveld with soils ranging from beautiful schist to slate types.

These elements combined contribute to a site best suited for Rhône varieties. The vineyards are mostly bush vines or “sur echalas” appropriate for drought resistance and trellised to provide maximum complexity from the fertile soils. On the steep slopes of Olifantsberg with the strong prevailing winds this system works best. The Rhône varieties are mainly established using the echalas system but also include Syrah, Roussanne, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage trellis vineyards. We consider Chenin Blanc and Pinotage part of our proud heritage which adds to our authenticity.

Approximately, 12 ha of the vineyards are planted using the “sur echalas” system. The “sur echalas” system consists of bush vines which are supported by a vertical wooden shaft or pole. A total of 65 000 of these wooden poles were planted to establish the system on the farm. The vines are planted 1 meter apart. This dense plant spacing produces not only higher yields, but better quality grapes compared to ordinary trellised vineyards adding to the complexity of the wines.

The vineyards are farmed in a sustainable manner which includes the limited spraying of contact fungicides. This helps sustain the biodiversity within the soils and vines. The constant winds passing through the vineyards resulting in a lower chance of getting infected with fungi.

In addition the vineyards are planted in small pockets adding to the focussed approach taking into account all the elements at play contributing to the vision of encapsulating the authenticity of the farm’s unique site within the Breedekloof Valley and resulting in our hand-crafted, quality wines – fresh, elegant and age-worthy.