We strive for our customers to have an emotional connection with our wines, experiencing a true sense of its origin and appreciating the beauty of its creation.

Our mission is to focus on sustainable farming and winemaking practices resulting in limited intervention in both the vineyard and cellar. Our people’s skills contribute and affirm our commitment to better understand the concept of terroir and manage our natural resources through conservation adding to the singularity of our wines.


Our vineyards and winery are located on the fertile slopes of the Brandwacht Mountain Range. The vineyards endure big diurnal temperature swings and strong winds at altitudes ranging from 250m to 450m above sea level. During winter, the mountain peaks are covered in snow, keeping the vines dormant for longer and in summer the constant winds have a cooling effect on the vines. This helps to ensure slow ripening of the grapes and in turn contributes to fresh and elegant wines. Our vineyards are located in shale Renosterveld with soils ranging from beautiful schist to slate types.

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The farm is owned by Mr Paul Leeuwerik. He is retired and spends part of the year on the farm and the remainder in the Netherlands. The winemaker is the only member of senior management who is full-time employed on the farm.

In the vineyard and the cellar Olifantsberg employs 14 people. More than half of them live on the farm and the others in the direct vicinity. Most of them work already for several years on the farm.

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Olifantsberg is committed to the conservation of the endangered Renosterveld. We have declared over 70 hectares of our mountain property as a conservation area and as a result the indigenous flora and fauna are protected and the alien vegetation in and around the conservation area is removed.

The vineyards are surrounded by beautiful Renosterveld with small corridors left between the blocks of vineyards to add to the biodiversity.

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