Micro management of our vineyards ensures the perfect balance within each vine achieving a good balance between the vine and its fruit. In the cellar, we keep our techniques simple with minimal intervention in order to respect and maintain the natural balance and produce authentic wines.

Every year the winemaking process is slightly adjusted to best suit the particular vintage.


Our terroir defines the uniqueness of our wines. Olifantsberg is very well suited for cultivating Rhone varieties such as Syrah, Grenache noir, Grenache Blanc, Carignan, Mourvedre & Roussanne. The main focus is to produce authentic Rhone or Mediterranean style wines - the schist and slate type soils give way to beautiful purity of fruit and elegance with the very dry conditions favouring the Rhone varieties which produce concentrated fruit but fresh aromas and the prevailing winds ensure that the grapes are kept cool during the warm summers.

Chenin Blanc is a passion and it is a variety that truly thrives in the Breedekloof Valley. Olifantsberg only has a small vineyard of Chenin Blanc, but old vine Chenin Blanc is sourced from likeminded farmers.

During harvest picking takes place very early in the morning in order to ensure low bunch temperatures and preserve the grape aromas. The grapes are picked in small batches at a time to maintain a good understanding of the grapes harvested from each block of vineyards.

Our focus is using simple techniques to produce the best possible wine from each vineyard. In order to sustain the distinct freshness and fruit of our wines, we have invested in traditional 5000 litre oak casks as well as 2000 litre oak foudres adding to the expressive style of our wines.

Where possible the grapes are naturally fermented in order to have a unique expression of the vineyards and to encourage a lower alcohol and sulphur content in the wines.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to produce exceptional wine from grapes of our unique location. After all, it’s the most incredible and rewarding experience every year.